London +10

Specialist Operations participates in the exhibition ‘London +10’ with the project Terrorism as Urban Practice. The accompanying publication, London +10 edited by Carlos Villanueva Brandt, includes essays from Rowan Moore and Will Self. The book addresses London through ten specific themes that form part of the everyday experience of the city. Through the eyes of AA Diploma Unit 10, the London +10 exhibition concentrates on London over the last 20 years and speculates on the relationship between the live realm of the city and its urban fabric. The exhibition includes 40 speculative projects that tackle topics such as politics, crime, sex and terrorism, overlays them on the reality of London and highlights ten key portfolios.

The AA’s Diploma Unit 10 has experimented with diverse ways of engaging with the city since the early 1970s when it was set up by Bernard Tschumi. In the last ten years, led by Carlos Villanueva Brandt, the unit has focused this engagement on London and developed the concept of direct urbanism. The book is produced by AA Publications. Image by Chen Jin, Architectural Association School of Architecture London.

For more information, please visit: http://www.aaschool.ac.uk/PUBLIC/WHATSON/exhibitions.php?item=172.

To purchase a copy of London+10 please find: http://www.url2it.com/ktlcr

Or see: http://issuu.com/aaschool/docs/london_10