Dutch Design Awards

Our research work on the post-conflict reconstruction mission in Afghanistan has been nominated for the 14th Dutch Design Awards in the category ‘design research’. A winner will be announced in October 2016.

For an overview of all finalist, please visit: https://www.dutchdesignawards.nl/nl/filter/2016.

The selection committee motivated the nomination by stating: This project offers exceptional insights: many western projects in Afghanistan had limited impact towards the reconstruction of the country. Uruzgan’s Legacy analyses and criticises the outcome of the Dutch reconstruction mission; Task Force Uruzgan. But it does more than to just bring to light shortcomings. The research puts forward tangible proposals for improvements, through which the publication has become a ‘must-read’ for future missions. The committee does not only see a lot of depth in the project, it also praises the designer for undertaking research in such a challenging environment.