5th IABR:
Making City

Specialist Operations collaborated with the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam. The 5th IABR: Making City started in festive fashion in Rotterdam amid widespread interest. After the official proceedings, which included speeches by Ahmed Aboutaleb (Mayor of Rotterdam) and Melanie Schultz van Haegen (Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment), the invited guests were able to view the exhibitions at the NAI: the main exhibition ‘Making City’.

The 5th IABR: Making City opens in April 2012 and includes exhibitions at various venues in Rotterdam, Almere, São Paulo and Istanbul, a conference, debates and lectures, publications and television and radio programmes made with the VPRO broadcasting corporation. The main exhibition of IABR ‘Making City’ is on show from 20 April to 12 August 2012 at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) in Rotterdam.

For more information please visit, http://www.iabr.nl. Image by Michelle Muus.